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NaNoWriMo2017 Woot!

My first NaNo has begun! This will be the most I have written in a month and I’m praying that I’ll stick through it to the end.


I’ve done 500 words today and here is how the story begins… This is unedited and raw!



You can’t show that to her?

Why not?

It’s her parents for gods sake.

She needs to see it…

I’m not going to be responsible if she

Do it, now. This cannot wait.

Yes Sir.


My arm is nearly torn off as I open the cafe’s door and it catches the wind. If I don’t hurry I’m going to be late for my first grownup job interview and it’s been a long day. I tuck my purse under my arm and make a run for my car through the rain.

I look in the rear view mirror and my shoulders sink. I look more like a hurricane rather than the tropical storm billowing through our state. I straighten up as much as I can before backing out onto the road. Junior sales associate they called it. More like corporate slave. At this point, I’d do anything to get out of living at my parents house and start my adult life. Not that they were going to let me do that.

My phone rings, it’s Mom calling. Probably to wish me luck again and to tell me to be subservient at the interview.

“Hi Mom I-“

“Hello? Alice? George, did I call her?” I really hate that name, it sounds old, I knew I shouldn’t have gotten them that cell phone for Christmas.

“I’m here Mom.”

“Honey I’m with your father, he’s constipated and we’re going to see Jeff over at the pharmacy”

“Ok Mom, did not need to know that, I-“

“Honey we want to wish you good luck on your job interview. We are so proud of you. Remember to be a little soft, they need to get to know you sweetie. George tell your daughter how-“

“- I’m still mad at her for not coming to work at the store with me, you know I have to watch this heart.”

“Oh fuck.”

I had never heard my mother swear in all my life. My hair stood on end. Time stood still. The sound of breaking glass ended in a shriek. I looked down at my phone in disbelief.


I pull over to the side of the road, hoping that it was the storm causing phone problems. Voicemail. I hangup and try calling back again. “Mom, call me back right away.” I had back towards where I came, we only had one pharmacy in this small town. Bernies. I drive faster. Much faster than I should given the weather and conditions of the road.

I see lights up ahead, flashing. A police car blocks the road on both sides. Maybe a tree or power line down. My heart beats faster. They better not have. Alice, don’t think the worst. 

I park the car and head back towards the intersection.

“Streets closed, you can’t go down there!”

“My parents are down there!” I yell over the wind and rain. I see the color drain out of his face. No. I run past the officer heading towards the flashing lights. The sounds of an ambulance heading this way tells me that the worst has happened.

“Hey wait!” an officer at the scene grabs me as I stand looking at the crash scene. There must be four cars. I look for my parents car. It’s in the middle, upside down. I see a plastic sheet flapping on the ground beside the car and another sheet wrapped around the body through the front windshield. A ground flare illuminates their bodies.

“You need to get out of here right now, it’s not safe.”

My teeth chatter as the rain soaks right through me. The paramedics pass by me with a body on a stretcher, their face covered by an oxygen mask. They were telling them that they were going to make it. I wanted someone to tell me that my parents were going to make it too. That I was going to make it too.

My knees can no longer bear my weight. I’m falling. My last thought is that when I wake up, everything will be ok.

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